Full Ocoee River Adventure – Deluxe Full River With Lunch


Boatload of Fun

Classic Middle

Go Big or Go Home!

That’s what folks have to say about the Full Ocoee River Deluxe Trip. Why come all of this way and not spend your entire day challenging the mighty Ocoee River?

This whitewater encounter commences below Ocoee No. 3 Dam and allows you a little bit of a warm-up before you dive right into Class III and IV of whitewater insanity. You are floating along, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Cherokee National Forest just wondering what all the hoopla is about and then Mikey’s Ledge appears for your first wake up call. Three nice drops and some serious waves later you heading on down towards the Blue Hole. It’s the local swimming hole when the water is off but makes for some fun whitewater when TVA releases water for our weekend excitement.

The WHOLE BOAT is yours!

Enjoy the excitement of the Ocoee whitewater this summer with your own private charter. You and up to five members of your crew along with one of our experienced guides will brave the rapids in style.

So pile a boatload of your friends and family (up to six in a boat) or adventure it on your own, it doesn’t matter.

The boat price is $225 + fees for the Classic Middle Boat Load of Fun and the Full River Boat Load of Fun is $550 + fees.

As always, we are very conscious of the safety of our rafters; not only on the river but also all around our facility. We want to do everything possible to promote social distancing and other COVID-19 avoidance measures.

SPACE is the special word this summer and we’re giving you LOTS OF IT!

And just when you thought is was pretty good on the Upper Section of the Ocoee River – IT GETS BETTER! Here comes the Olympic Section and almost a continuous mile of Class IV whitewater. Brace in paddlers cause its gonna be a wild ride!

The river will narrow. Waves are getting larger and the drops are too. Your raft guide starts to shout commands as it is so loud and hard to hear with all of the whitewater (or is it with all of the squeals of delight?). You race past Smiley’s Rapid and then on to Slam Dunk only to realize that it just Slam Dunked you. Your toes are gripping the bottom of the boat and your raft guide shouts “Paddle Forward! Here comes Humongous.” The raft is rocking but you are paddling hard only to feel the boat start to stand on its end when all of the sudden you hear a big “WooHoo” from your raft guide as you slide right on out of the Olympic section.

The Upper Ocoee winds down with fun rapids named Roach Motel and Edge of the World.

You probably never thought you would enjoy anything with those names but then again, we do things a little crazy here on the Ocoee River.

After all the excitement it is now time for LUNCH!

We are one of the elite outfitters who has the resources to provide a riverside meal. Our catering department is ready to help you recharge with a gourmet spread that cannot compare. Everyone enjoys this little break to fill your bellies, laugh over the “in your face splashes” in the Olympic Section and enjoy a moment to relax.  After everyone has their fill, it is time to load back up in our boats and begin the second part of our trip, the Middle Ocoee.

Early Booking Is Recommended

Please remember that Full River Ocoee Adventure books up quickly as they are only available on WEEKENDS (Saturdays and Sundays) starting late May through early September. Double check our calendar for exact dates as we can only raft when TVA releases water in the river. And like on all of our whitewater trips, not only do we make sure there is well-trained river guide in your boat to make your day a memorable one, you also get to wear one of our stylish Type V lifejackets and helmet along with a paddle as your accessory.

Dress Appropriately

Dress according to the weather. Wear your swimsuit, t-shirt and maybe shorts for the ladies during the warmer weather. The cooler weather calls for synthetic materials like running tights, fleece pullovers or nylon jackets. Don’t forget your footwear. It needs to be something secure that you don’t mind getting wet. Sport sandals or tennis shoes are great options and save the flip flops for later. Sunscreen is always a great idea too.

Trip Details

Total Trip Time: 6 hours
Lunch: Yes
Reservation Required: Yes
Length of Trip on River: 10 miles
Minimum Age Requirement: 12 years old
Cost: $78- $120

Give us a call and let one of our reservation specialist design a trip that meets your needs!

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