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The Boat Load Of Fun

The WHOLE BOAT is yours!

Enjoy the excitement of the Ocoee whitewater this summer with your own private charter. You and up to five members of your crew along with one of our experienced guides will brave the rapids in style.

So pile a boatload of your friends and family (up to six in a boat) or adventure it on your own, it doesn’t matter.

The boat price is $225 + fees for the Classic Middle Boat Load of Fun and the Full River Boat Load of Fun is $550 + fees.

As always, we are very conscious of the safety of our rafters; not only on the river but also all around our facility. We want to do everything possible to promote social distancing and other COVID-19 avoidance measures.

SPACE is the special word this summer and we’re giving you LOTS OF IT!

NOTE: When you make your reservation on the Classic Middle Calendar, it will give you the option for “The Boat Load Of Fun” package.

NOTE: When you make your reservation on the Full River Deluxe Calendar, it will give you the option for “The Boat Load Of Fun” package.

Excitement around every corner!

It all starts with a little rapid called Grumpy’s that is either going to start your trip off on the right foot OR remind you how important it is to paddle together with your boat mates. After a little team huddle, your crew will enjoy the eye-opening ledges of Broken Nose, the rolling waves of Slice and Dice and the fun little hole we call Second Helping.

Everyone enjoys a good Indian story around Moonshoot and the drops at Double Suck will wake you back up as you prepare for your photo opportunity at the infamous Double Trouble. These three standing waves are guaranteed to make you shriek in delight.

The Ocoee River is a whitewater gem located in southeast Tennessee loaded with Class III and IV whitewater.

The Classic Middle Has Lots Of Surprises

The halfway point brings along the quarter-mile stretch called the Doldrums and the opportunity to relax and catch your breath before heading on down to Tablesaw and Diamond Splitter – two back to back Class IV rapids so no lilly dippin.’ Ride those waves at Western Flyer and see if you can get slung around in Slingshot right down to Cat’s Pajamas. No one is quite sure how this rapid was named as we have never seen a cat wearing pajamas.

And for the big finale… Hell’s Hole and Powerhouse Rapid. This awesome Class IV hole hides underneath the bridge which connects to TVA’s Ocoee No. 2 Powerhouse. Brace in, paddle hard and enjoy because as soon as the hole releases you, there are two more drops before you are home free.

This five-mile adventure ends at the Caney Creek takeout. Grab your gear and jump on the bus to head back to Adventures Unlimited where your dry clothes are safely stored in your car. Grab a quick shower, enjoy your dry clothes and take a look at your pictures to see how crazy you all looked out there.

With guided rafting trips available on weekends in the spring and fall and five days per week in June, July and August, Adventures Unlimited has a trip available for YOU! And like on all of our whitewater trips, not only do we make sure there is well-trained river guide in your boat to make your day a memorable one, you also get to wear one of our stylish Type V lifejackets and helmet along with a paddle as your accessory. Whether it is your inaugural experience on the Ocoee River or you are the seasoned professional, Adventures Unlimited is ready for some whitewater.

Total Trip Time: 3.5 hours
Lunch: No
Reservation Required: Yes, please.
Length of Trip on River: 5 miles
Minimum Age Requirement: 12 years old
Cost: $27-$60

Give us a call and let our reservation specialist design an outing that meets your needs. 423-338-4325

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