Hello Springtime! We are so happy to see you.

The birds are singing, the trees are blooming but it still isn’t a rock solid 85 degrees out there yet and you are going whitewater rafting this weekend. So what do you wear?

Let’s get started thinking about synthetic materials. This is lycra, nylon, fleece, polyester, and rayon. It’s the type of clothing that you wear to the gym, or for a run or even on your winter ski trip. What you are thinking about are items that can fit warm and snug and won’t hold water.

Pull out those leggings (we call them man tights in our house) and dry fit shirt. Grab your Under Armour base layer and a fleece pullover. Do you have a nice nylon raincoat or windbreaker? Bring it!

Adventures Unlimited has wetsuits for rent and complimentary spray gear. What spray gear? It is like a heavy-duty rain jacket and pants. We have a limited supply but these items work really well with the clothing mentioned above.

“But my feet…” Yes, your feet are going to get wet too. You can wear your old tennis shoes or fancy water sport sandals and throw on a pair of wool or fleece socks with them. If you have some neoprene booties, you are welcome to wear them.

What you want to leave behind (or in the car for after your trip) is your big comfy 100% cotton hoodie sweatshirt and blue jeans. These items get incredibly heavy when they are wet and would make you wet, soggy and miserable. So leave the cotton clothing behind. And always remember, it better to be rafting then sitting at home wishing you were rafting.

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