Everyone likes to wear the right gear.

The cute swimsuit, the matching t-shirt like the rest of your gang, and of course, proper footwear for rafting. Lots of folks have the idea that you are required to wear closed toe shoes when rafting but that is NOT the case.

All we ask that you wear is a pair of secure footwear. This can be anything from an old pair of tennis shoes to aqua socks to sport sandals. You want something that can stay on your foot if you take an unexpected swim. Sandals (like Chacos) need to have an ankle strap so that they stay on your feet. Flip flops are not ideal rafting shoes and they are almost guaranteed to stay in the river long after you are on your way home.

“Can I raft barefooted?” This is a tough one – and not tough to answer but tough on your feet. You will have to walk through a gravel parking area and down a concrete ramp to launch your boat. You will have to brace in the boat with your feet. There is a chance that you might take a swim and have to walk in the river or perhaps up the riverbank to regroup with your raft. We HIGHLY recommend that you wear something on your feet.

So dig in the back of that closet for your old tennis shoes or grab a fresh pair of aqua socks in our retail store but leave the flip flops in the car for after the trip. Get ready friends, its gonna be a great day for rafting!

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