When was the last time you took a moment to simply turn your phone off?

To not worry about the email coming to your inbox, or to not check your device for the next notification from social media?  Its been a while hasn’t it.

When rafters come to check in for their adventure we get asked.

“Is there somewhere on the boat that we can have our phone?” or “I bought a waterproof case, can I just  bring it with me.”  Even better yet, we have folks who truly turn pale in horror of the fact that we don’t get much cell service in the river gorge.  We suggest to turn your devices off, lock them away and to simply…. FORGET ABOUT THEM. It’s actually a part of the adventure. To just be on “RIVER TIME”, and to “LIVE IN THE MOMENT.”

In our daily lives, we too are connected to the power of technology.

We use it for almost every aspect of our outfitter. Phone calls, emails, internet, online bookings, photo sales, we even use technology to order the t-shirts we sell in our store. We probably communicated with you about your trip via email. We get it. It’s hard to just leave it all behind and load up on a rafting bus and head to the river. Once you move forward from the initial shock of not having your phone in your hand, amazing things will start to happen.

Imagine this.

You see the family sitting at the picnic table having lunch before their trip. They haven’t shared a meal without a phone present in years. Today, they are having a conversation, I think the big sister was caught laughing. Today, is their day to make memories, to unplug and to enjoy the river as a family, no phones involved. No selfies, No Snapchats, nothing. Just a family, actually talking to one another.

We promise the Ocoee River will provide you with all the entertainment you need and once you get out on the water you won’t even think about all the stress that your devices put on you.  In between the laughs and splashes and the next turn in the river, take a moment to relax and be thankful you took a moment to unplug with your loved ones.

See ya on the river!

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